The CFA Course Info:

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The CFA designation is the “gold-standard” qualification for persons within the global Corporate Finance industry and is recognized by employers as a badge of distinction by which one measures serious investment management professionals.

The programme is enjoying dramatic growth worldwide, which the CFA Institute attributes to the practical relevance of the syllabus and high standards of professionalism that it demands. Having the CFA designation after your name underlines your mastery of high-level investment market principles, technical competence, and integrity.

Benefits of doing the CFA over a MBA Finance degree include:

  • Portable reputation – the charter remains a mark of quality, whether you change company or migrate. There are no further exams that need to be done.
  • Cost Competitiveness – The CFA programme can cost one tenth of an MBA and allows you to carry on working whilst studying. MBA programmes are tied to the quality of the offering institution.
  • Credible – The CFA is praised and supported by the clients, employers and regulators; the investment community at large.
  • More and more corporate clients view participation in the CFA® program as a prerequisite for job progression.

The exam (which consist primarily of multiple choice questions), has three levels, each of which must be passed before progressing to the next.

  • The Level I exam is sat in both June and December of each year.
  • The Level II and III exams are only available in June of each year.

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Eligible Candidates: Bsc or MSc graduates in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Science, Management Studies, Statistics and ACCA holders.

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The FRM Course Info:

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Financial risk management is one of today’s fastest growing professions.

FRM professionals help management and boards of directors to identify, measure, and monitor financial and business risks, the relationships between risks and returns, and the control environment over the management and reporting of these risks. In today’s complex world of financial instruments, FRM professionals have assisted in valuation approaches; stress testing, model development and risk rating, and measurement approaches to help management leverage the leading practices in risk identification and measurement.

Central bankers and securities regulators want to ensure that risks are contained to prevent the whole scale "melt-down" of any or all financial institutions. As Kaplan-Schweser is the sole provider of FRM study manuals, we are your source for the best FRM preparation with our experienced team of tutors.

Eligible Candidates: BSc or MSc graduates in Finance, Economics, Actuarial Science, Management Studies, Statistics and ACCA holders.

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