CPA Tutors & Consultants is Jamaica's largest and most influential trainers for degree holders who seek professional designations that will propel them to lead global businesses. Indeed, there are no other post-grad financial tuition programs within the Caribbean, that collectively are as potent as ones offered exclusively by CPA Tutors & Consultants, all taught via live classes, at 1 single location.

Professional level, industry recognized designations are a powerful boost to any graduate's career aspirations and job security over plain academic degrees. These designations are internationally recognized and holders command elite executive status. Our classes are held exclusively @ B&B University College Ltd, Jamaica’s training center for advanced financial education.

Our signature collection of professional-level financial studies includes FP&A, CPA, CFA and FRM.

Corporate Recruiters strongly recommended that degree holders attain these designations as they deliver a strong salary premium and separate holders from the “sea” of BSc job applicants. We run the most effective and highly regarded CPA review in Jamaica, and a comprehensive CFA review course in Jamaica that boosts your ability to pass these high-stakes career exams. FP&A is the latest addition to our suite of courses and it is proving to be a hit among ACCA and ICAJ accountants looking for new opportunities and interests. We create client value by pin-pointing decisively, what you must know so as to reduce your exam anxiety and stress.

Since 1995, we have helped hundreds of university grads attain executive level positions in organizations in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean, US & Canada. Led by a team of success oriented administrators, and employing passionate, performance oriented tutors, our objective is to enable time-challenged clients to pass exams to attain prestigious credentials in the shortest period.

Utilizing a full suite of varied, multi-dimensional study materials used worldwide, our courses are led by experienced exam-focused tutors. Call now for info on the following:

  • CPA classes in Jamaica
  • CFA exam review in Jamaica
  • The Certified Treasury Professional course
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) course
  • Canadian Securities Course in Jamaica


All our exam reviews include:

  • The top study manuals that explain the exam concepts you will be tested on
  • Online, simulated exam questioning test drills
  • Focused class notes and slides that eases the process of learning and memory recall at the test time
  • Live instructor led, discussion seminars

At a fraction of the cost of a MBA or MSc degree, a professional designation always offers a better career payback for the time and effort involved. Make the right choice by registering in our proven exam courses and get the power to pass and improve your life.

Leveraging the support and resources of the world’s most trusted financial exam study authorities, Kaplan-Schweser and Wiley-CPA, we have the tools and know-how to lower the stress and complexity in studying for these in-demand credentials. Act now.